The Cast

+ Sully: Derek Mesford

Derek Mesford as Sully

Often a man of few words, Sully is the hit man of Harry’s organization. He is the one who does outside work for clients, engineering a kill made to look like an accident, natural causes, or to simply “make one disappear.” But his rate of success has drifted, as mistakes are beginning to happen. Change has occurred in his life and now comes a realization. There’s something to lose in Sully’s life, something precious and beautiful. Now a choice must be made.

+ Harry: Ian Herrman


Ian Herrman as Harry

The leader. The philosopher. The master. Having led the criminal gang for the past decade, Harry is the one that all fear like a patriarch and God, but respect and obey for the same reasons. He gave them the discipline necessary to carry out their actions that “freed” them from society. Yet as the third annual memorial of his friend and co-founder Garcia’s passing nears, Harry sees his group slipping. Inevitably, there are changes going to happen in the next few days. Some which he will order. Others that he will put into motion himself.

+ Morgan: Eleanore Woods

Eleanore Woods as Morgan

Morgan is the personal killer who takes care of business close to home. Her methods are violent and often bloody. Implying suicide and homicide, often with blades, she has a reputation of being feared for a twitchy killer instinct. Loyal to Harry, yet still has a loose connection to Sully and Frank, whom she’s known since childhood. While everyone around her changes, she stays firm in her ways; not realizing the decision may have an unimaginable cost.

+ Albert: Robert Michaud


Robert Michaud as Albert

Albert is the general businessman of the gang. When Harry needs something truly done right, Albert is the right-hand man to take care of it. His workaholic tendencies keep him busy constantly; managing the recruits, assigning Frank to make phone calls and meetings, ordering the messes to be cleaned up. Watching the group’s order falling apart, Albert is becoming frustrated by his comrades and associates’ lack of focus on the real problems at hand. With the pressure on, he looks to his leader for guidance, while keeping his reflexes ready to pull the gun when the word is given.

+ Frank: Christopher Jayawardena

Christopher Jayawardena as Frank

Package boy and messenger; Frank is the one who gets orders from one place to another, carrying the folders for marks or the money to be transferred. Often the communicator, a job he took after Garcia died three years prior, Frank finds himself landing in the role of simply, “do this, do that.” An old friend to Sully and Morgan, he’s the one who looks at the situations around them and says, “something needs to change.”

+ Tony: Rollyn Stafford

[caption id="attachment_184" align="aligncenter" width="650" caption="Rollyn Stafford as Tony"][/caption]

Rollyn Stafford as Tony

Although Tony’s specialty was always chemistry and narcotics processing, currently he’s known as the group’s drunk and only occasionally useful. He creates custom drugs, including toxins and poisons for the gang’s killings, with a special proficiency with sleeping agents. Having been the only one to know what happened that caused Garcia’s death, Tony is bitter and spends most of his time in a flask. One can only wonder what would happen if they knew what it was that pushed Tony into such a sad situation.

+ Emily: Meg Grujon


Meg Grujon as Emily

A ray of sunshine in Sully’s life, Emily is a young woman working at a day care center and working towards a better life. Forever the caretaker, she spends as much time as she can with Sully, not realizing the secret he carries, to try and show him the way out of the darkness. Sadly, she has no idea the repercussions of what meeting Sully has put her into.

+ Kim: Vanessa Cohen

Vanessa Cohen as Kim

An enigmatic stranger who materializes at a card game attended by the gang, Kim’s intentions and motives are unknown.

+ Maxis: Jerry Bell Jr

Jerry Bell Jr as Maxis

Maxis has lived a rough life as a criminal boss, hoping to build a brighter future for those he cares about. He now finds himself a lone survivor after crossing paths with the gang.