About Downcast the Movie

Downcast is the story of a gang nearing its end. Once they were friends. Now, their bond of solidarity against society is crumbling quickly. Their bitter disconnection from the world has begun to tear them apart.

An ensemble crime drama, the diverse cast of the film is thrown into constant chaos. Sully, their hitman, struggles between his violent past and the bright future his girlfriend Emily may give him. Frank, the gang’s courier, has a fatal secret on the tip of his tongue. Morgan, the gang’s efficient assassin, feels herself torn between her past friendships and present comrades.  Albert, the businessman, scrambles when an important weapons shipment is lost. Tony, the drunk chemist, is spiraling down as a dark memory catches up with him. And Harry, the boss of it all, attempts to balance this bundle of killers and tortured souls.

Trust is breaking, tensions against their leader build, a vigilante is hunting their new recruits, and violence brews with every choice they make. These six people, once comrades, are now on a collision course with betrayal, loss, and bloody destruction.

Updates! (Oct 14, 2014)

Hello again, everyone! First cool thing to mention, we have our first little “news blurb” report from The Portland Orbit! Run by David M. Craig, an old acquaintance of ours from the Attack of […]

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New website done! Welcome!

Hey, folks, thanks for dropping by! As of now, we are pretty much done with the website. Minor updates will happen through the month. BUT! THE PREMIERE IS COMING! Downcast will be shown at […]

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